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Are you ready to raise the value you bring to the world?

So many times we do things without fully understanding how we're actually getting them done.
It's because, we as a creative people who do what they love, we don't feel like they are systems and processes and we just edit videos as it come to us.
Unfortunetly, that's not the way to build a sustainable editing carrier.

This is something I wish I had when I needed guidance. It’s my hope that with each anecdote, you remind yourself of what’s possible.

My first videos looked like this

I've started my editing carrier on Fiverr. I was taking
on every job for every price and there was so much
about the editing that I had to learn.
I'm still learning everyday. I believe that with every
project you learn something new.

This is my work today

Now I choose with who do I want to work with
I'm greatful to be in the position that I don't have
to take on any job and would like to help you
achive the same.

Why am I sharing my editing process?

There were plenty of times when I saw a video and thought to myself
"How did they do this?"      not how they created specific effect or transition,
because we can find those all over the interent, but why they edit the way they edit? How did they make a decision?

I've dedicated to share my editing process with you after it was clear to me that:


I'm not the only one who finds the inspiration in other peoples work.


Begginers, including me at the start of my carrier, don't know from where to begin: choose scenes to tell a story, music, sound effects, transitions that goes with look & feel of the video. 


A lot of editors turn down or never get a job opportunity because they feel like "they couldn't do it" and don't realize that all they need is

a motivation or simply an aha moment until they find their style.

Can you think of a time when you felt like this yourself?

- When you saw a video and thought to yourself 'How did they created this?'

- When you opened the software and didn't know where to start

- When you didn't know the best sources to download assets from that you need

- When you missed a job opportunity because you doubted yourself

I've went through all of these phases and I want to help you overcome them.

That's why I decited to
save you some time

& show you
I edit the
way I edit

As I've matured and I've done 5 years worth of work I know now what I need to do to arrive on a magical place.      So I'm going to share with you my process.

If you feel stuck, need a dose of inspiration and ideas, then this is for you.

You'll learn how to:

- Edit a fitness video from start to finish

- Edit a social media video

- Choose the best scenes for each video

- Choose the best soundtracks to fit the look and feel

- Use sound effects

- Color grade your videos

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